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Draught Proofing

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Draught proofing sash windows

Our draught proofing system has been tested, is flawless in execution and the most effective system on the market.

Retain the original appearance:
We have built our standards on being sash window restorers with the ethos to become the foremost company to repair, renovate and retain original windows rather than just replacing them. We appreciate the aesthetic appeal of original sash windows and so to retain them is important – where possible. The team tries to developed a Sash Window Draught Sealing System and we have succeeded in developing a perfect integrated system that performs well.

Proficient in sealing gaps and draughts

Probably, most of the sash windows have lots of thin gaps around the areas. These thin gaps always allow cold air may enter your house and can also cause your sash windows to damage and rattle. Our team may install some discreet  system to your existing sash windows. This may effectively stop the cold rattles and also assist you keep your areas warmer and much quieter.

Traditional benefits of our draught proofing:
Our service includes the important traditional benefits that draught proofing brings. It will eliminate draughts and rattles, will reduce the external noise levels, will improve insulation and correctly balance all the windows to operate smoothly. Above all, it will drastically improve the comfort of your home and reduce energy usage and heat loss.

Sash window draught proofing:

Our sash window draught proofing experts will help you get the more welcoming look of your home by implementing latest methodologies of gap filling.

Our service comprises:

  • Professional draught sealing solutions
  • Repairs and restorations will also damage timber or sash glazing
  • Fitting the new ironmongery and sash window locks

Sash window draught excluder

Sash window draught excluder and door draught excluder basically helps people to make their windows and door secure and safe and do not allow the plenty of cold air to let in.

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