Sash Window Repair

Sash window repairs

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Sash window Repair

Our sash window repair service has saved hundreds of sash windows that other companies had written off. As Sash windows are constructed from small pieces of timber. Sections of which could become decayed and require repair or replacement. When all these sections remain untreated they cause rot to the surrounding areas. Then they eventually leading to a situation when replacement of this entire window seems like an economical solution. At ‘Repair my sash’, we strongly believe that the replacement of an original window is the last solution. That’s why we’ve created some cost effective options to repair or replace the old decayed sections by combining advance technology with the best carpentry skills.

Double glazing for sash windows:

Double glazing and sash window repairs can ultimately lessen the amount of heat & sun entering to your room. This always help reduce the severe sun damage to all the furniture, carpet, different objects around the home and  paintings. These double glazed windows also improve sound insulation by making the barrier between the home and the environment. Another common benefit is, the moisture present on the warm surface always creates multiple droplets of water that tend to freezes into the frost. This always make your room feel much colder that simply forces everyone inside to adjust the heat. The air present between the double panes of window glass, as well as the airtight seal also tend to prevent the condensation from building up by blocking the heat and moisture in cold weather.

Sash window locks:

We are committed to provide all kinds of sash window repair solutions, in which sash window locks are most important to consider first as they provide the strong support to sash windows and doors.

Here are some more particular areas that are vulnerable to decay that we provide solutions for:

  • Sill replacement or repair
  • Bottom rail repair
  • Middle rail repair
  • Frame repair
  • Glass replacement
  • Broken down putty