Sash Window Replacement

Sash window replacements

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Sash Window Replacement

At ‘Repair My Sash’, we always prefer not to replace the original sashes and that is why our replacement service is only offered when it becomes necessary -according to the requirement.
When replacement becomes inevitable:
We occasionally encounter some period homes where the original windows have been replaced with poor quality sashes or are not aligned with the property. In these situations, we provide a bespoke replacement service to bring out the age and distinction of the building.

Installation of double glazed replacement sashes:

If a replacement window becomes inevitable, it is important to consider the installation of double glazed replacement sash. It blends the overall tradition with quality and modern technology into the single solution that impresses clients.
We can also:

  • Replicate the features of original sashes
  • Offer a range of glass options
  • Provide great quality finishes

Our highly specialized sash window manufacturers:

Our highly-skilled team of multiple joiners and manufacturers specialize in replacing your original sash windows and can provide you a more perfect working order. Like banishing draughts, damages, rattles, hard-to-open windows, broken sash cords, rotten wood and replace them with highly functional and traditional renovated windows that may last for several decades.

Replacement wooden sash windows

‘Repair my sash’ team can even replace irreparable wooden sash windows windows with made-to-measure wooden sash with the double or single-glazing techniques.

  • Traditional skills and techniques: We prefer to use some skilled blend of traditional skills and upgraded techniques & technologies. So our skilled craftsmen tend to breathe a new life into the original sash windows with some highly sympathetic renovation. And offer wonderfully finished wooden sash window replacements within your scheduled budget.

24 hours helps

Our sash window specialists are here to help you 24 hours to enhance the overall appearance of your home. If you need any kind of help regarding sash repairs, restorations, or replacements, you can contact us here at