Sash window Restoration

Sash Window Restoration

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Sash window restorations

Our sash window restoration process involves the painting, refurbishing and repair of original sash windows. Call us to know more about our sash window restoration services

Our professional team at Repair My Sash restore existing sash windows to their original glory, and get them looking and working just like the new ones.

  • We can help you unstick your sash windows so that they can open properly (from top and bottom)
  • We also Repair and rebuild the damaged and rotten areas of the sash window to look like new
  • Draught proof sash windows and doors
  • Replace some damaged and broken glass
  • Replace and restore broken sash cords
  • Re-balance your window so that the sash stays open whenever you want it to
  • Restore your sash windows so the wooden detailing matches perfectly with the windows in your street
  • Fit some security locks and add beautiful finishes

Double glazed sash windows costs and restoration process:

Our window restoration process includes the following elements:
• Repair of sashes and frames
• Removing old paint from sashes and hand painting it
• Replacement of sash cords
• Balancing the sashes by simple re-weighting
• Restoring the smooth movement of sashes within their existing frames
• Full perimeter draught seal of some new restored sashes into the renovated frames
• Applying the final coat of paint, as necessary, to ensure long lasting results.
The Results:
• You will get the windows that will look perfect, will operate smoothly and will be heat-efficient
• Any previous underlying issues causing windows to rot, flake or rattle will be resolved

Sash window double glazing

So whether you simply want your windows to get repairs, double glazed, restored or looking for sash window refurbishment, our professional sash window double glazing specialists will help you solve your queries in best possible way. Contact us today to know more details about your windows