Window glazing

Window Glazing

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Window glazing options

Window Glazing options or Re-glazing is our most important services and our professional team is proficient at re-glazing any cracked, broken or damaged panes of glass. In addition we also offer quick and comprehensive range of options that include:

  • toughened safety glass,
  • laminated security glass,
  • acoustic noise reducing glass,
  • traditional etched glass,
  • recycled period glass
  • leaded lights and
  • Modern double glazed gas filled units.

We also manufacture our replacement double glazed windows to replicate existing details.

Benefits offered:

1.Improved security:

  • Toughened glass is four to five times stronger than regular glass
  • Safety glass is unlikely to damage or break into fragments
  • Laminated glass a laminated film that will increase the overall strength of the glass. It is extremely hard to break but, if it does, the glass stays attached to the plastic layers.

2. Enhanced privacy:

The installation of privacy glass will always ensure that your privacy is fully preserved. There are different grades of opacity, various colours and multiple textures available on the market.

3. Reduced glare:

The solar controlled glass measures the exact amount of light entering, so that it efficiently reduces the glare and filters the sun in the summer months.

Triple glazed windows:

At ‘Repair my Sash’ we can simply upgrade your sash windows with the new triple glazed sashes, without even removing your existing box frames. Our upgraded sash windows can simply be made to perfectly match your style and overall design of your original sash windows and can be easily fitted into your existing sash window box frames.

Sash window double glazing

Our team put great consideration, care and time in the measurement of all the minor details of your sash windows and we also ensure that they look wonderful and keep your properties and surroundings welcoming. Double glazing, triple glazing and window glazing techniques will help you enhance the aesthetic look of your house in cost effective rates possible. So just contact our professionals today for further information.